Is the Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3 in 1 right for your family? Find out in our 2021 Review

Graco Nautilus LX Booster

Graco has been manufacturing the Nautilus 65 LX car seat since 2007, with minor modifications and improvements along the way. The Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 provides parents with a 5-point harness car seat, highback booster seat, and backless booster seat all in one. If your child is over 22 lbs then you can invest in this car seat and use it all the way until children are grown.

Graco also makes available a similar Graco Nautilus 65 version that does not have the increased weight limit up to 120 lbs. This increased weight limit lets parents delay the transition to a regular seatbelt and instead leave children buckled safely into the car seat longer. Parents won’t find much difference in the design of the two seats, and the difference in price is usually fairly negligible.

Child size limits for the Graco Nautilus LX 3-in-1

5 Point Harness mode High back booster Backless booster
Weight range 22 – 65 pounds 30 – 120 pounds 40 – 120 pounds
Height range 27 – 49 inches 38 – 57 inches 40 – 57 inches

Read About Graco TurboBooster Highback Booster Seat In Our 2021 Review

Graco Turbobooster High Back Booster

Parents shopping for an affordable high back booster seat often settle on the TurboBooster HighBack Booster Seat from Graco. This low price option provides a safe, high back booster seat for children over 40 lbs. As children grow larger this highback seat easily converts into a backless booster seat.

Booster seats elevate children higher up in the back seat of a vehicle so that their seat belt fits correctly. A safe booster seat should move the shoulder belt away from the child’s neck and over towards the shoulder blade. Similarly, the lap belt should move off the soft abdomen area of your child and over onto the large bones of their legs and hips. Graco accomplishes this while still providing your child a comfortable ride with:

  • Head support that is height adjustable.
  • Padded armrests that adjust up and down.
  • Energy-absorbing, EPS foam.
  • Plush head and body inserts.
  • Open-loop belt guides to help buckling.

Graco fills the TurboBooster Highback Booster Seat with well thought out features that improve comfort and safety.


Is the Evenflo Chase Harness-to-Booster the best choice for your family? Find out in our review.

Evenflo Chase car seat review

The Evenflo Chase Harness-to-Booster is a 2-in-1 seat that can convert from a forward-facing harness seat to a belt-positioning booster. It is a lightweight 5-point harness seat that parents find easy to install, adjust, and position.

This budget car seat has the features you need while saving costs by avoiding any frills. The seat does offer leading safety features like side impact protection and an auto adjusting belt path. It has been designed and crash tested at energy levels twice the federal standard.

The Evenflo Chase Harness-to-Booster can be utilized as a forward-facing harnessed seat for children of at least one year and 22 pounds (10 kilograms). It can also transition into a belt positioning booster for toddlers and preschoolers who are at least four years of age and 40 pounds (18 kilograms).


Is the Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster a smart choice? Read our new review to find out.

Britax Grow with you review

The Britax Grow with You ClickTight provides parents with a harness-2-booster car seat option that keeps their child safe and in the same car seat as they grow. A premium product with a premium price, this seat provides leading safety features at a cost. The seat does help parents save money in the long run by transitioning from a forward facing harness to a booster.

The car seat can be used forward facing from 25-65 lbs (11.3 kg to 29.4 kg). It also offers a harness height up to 20” to help accommodate growing boys and girls. Once children are ready for a booster the seat transforms into a high-back booster seat with a 22” belt path height. The booster seat is safe for children up to 120 lbs (54.4 kgs), so Britax is working hard to provide parents with a long term solution.

The Britax Grow with You is packed with safety features like side impact protection and ClickTight installation. A quick adjust harness and buckle along with a multiple-position recline add to your child’s comfort.


How safe is the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Booster Seat?

KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat (Marvel)

The KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat is a totally fun and unique spin on the classic booster seat. These seats from KidsEmbrace heavily incorporate classic superhero characters like Spiderman for a safe car seat solution that will leave your child smiling.

Regular booster seats look boring in comparison to these superhero car seats. This might be the solution for parents who fight to get their children into a booster seat as kids get to ride along with their favorite heroes. KidsEmbrace has car seats available with Marvel, DC, Nickelodeon, and Disney characters.

Key Features

  • Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Black Panther, Cinderella, Belle & more
  • 5 point harness and 2-position crotch belt
  • 3 position headrest with side-impact protection
  • 2 integrated cup holders
  • Machine washable cushioned seat cover
  • 1-year warranty
  • 8-year expiration

Will the Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1 booster car seat grow well with your child?

Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1 Harness Booster Convertible Car Seat (Kyte)

The Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1 Harness Booster Seat is an improvement over the older Nautilus, released back in 2007. The Tranzitions is a sleeker, narrower design that works better than the bulky Nautilus for placing multiple car seats in your vehicle.

It’s lighter too, for families who often travel or switch car seats from vehicle to vehicle. We liked that it’s also a nice-looking seat, which you don’t always find in one so budget-friendly and practical.

Key Features

  • Simply Safe Adjust harness system – no re-thread harness and headrest adjust together
  • One-handed adjustable 8 position headrest
  • 2 integrated cup holders
  • Open loop seat belt guides
  • Machine washable seat pad, body pillow, and harness covers
  • 3 color choices
  • 1-year warranty
  • 7-year expiration