A Practical Guide to Finding the Right Travel System for Newborn

Best Combination for Traveling

If you have kids that often travel with you anywhere you go, it’s definitely necessary for you to go ahead and get the appropriate travel systems not only for your own convenience but for the kids as well.

Travel systems also known as a stroller & carseat combo can absolutely allow you to travel with your kids safely and at the same time allow you to save some space in your vehicle or even your home. With the many advantages that parents and guardians can get from these travel systems, this surely is a valuable baby equipment to own.


Finest Baby & Toddler Car Seat Brands

TOP 6 Car Seat Brands

When you choose car seats, there are a few different options you will have if you want to go with names that people know. Those names run the gamut in terms of pricing, accessories, and safety features. They are all similar in some ways but differ in terms of make, model, construction, and the quality of the materials use, which is why the prices can vary widely.

However, all of them meet or exceed federal safety standards. Over the next few pages, you will learn about six premium brands that most parents tend to gravitate toward. We will break down the price, safety features, accessories, user reviews, and the pros and cons of each car seat.


Is it Safe to Use A Secondhand or an Old Car Seat?

Old Car Seat

When parents try to cut corners, the first thing they do is look for things that they can get second hand or things that they can use again – it’s common and there is nothing wrong with it. However, while secondhand clothing or secondhand toys aren’t all that bad, an old car seat is not the way you want to go. If you buy it secondhand or use someone else’s, you never know what that car seat has been through – was it well taken care of? How often did someone clean it? What is the expiration date? Even if the car seat is yours, sitting in storage can take a toll on it.

If you are going to use an old car seat, you have to know if it has ever been in a crash – whether it was being used or not. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t any visible damage, a crash creates a lot of torque, pulling, and warping that the car seat may not have been tested in, and it could reduce the ability to protect the child.


When to Switch to a Convertible Car Seat

Switch to a Convertible Car Seat

There are certain recommendations when it comes to upgrading or switching to a new car seat. Crash test comparison in terms of safety when kids ride in the car resulted into newly recommended standards and regulations to comply with as per consumer reports. This particular recommendation which has recently has been released have to do with parents having to purchase or switch over to a new car seat even sooner than they expected.

The recent modification that parents and guardians need to comply with is more about moving the child from its usual infant car seat to its upgraded version or a convertible car seat instead. These two seats differ from each other and have their own functionalities to offer at a certain stage to keep the child safe from harm when traveling in a vehicle. The infant seat can easily be installed and removed from the car seat as it also functions as a carrier for your young baby. On the other hand, the convertible one is more bulky which makes it more difficult to detach from the car once it is installed.


Things to Check Before Placing Kids on a Car Seat

Placing Kids on a Car Seat

Although more often parents would drive their babies to any nearby streets just to stop them from crying, some would opt not to drive with their babies if ever it is possible. For such guardians or parents, they are always in for a challenge for this kind situation.

More often the best recommendation is to go for top-rated car seats to keep these crying babies safe when driving. However, there are also other ways to look into to make it easier for adults and their children to get along with when driving and traveling on the road.

Here are some tips for you to look upon to keep baby from crying even if they are already sitting on a car seat.