My name is Emma McStay, I’m a happy married mother of 3 children (two boys and a girl)

I work as a medical professional. While I haven’t been a mother for my entire life, I have been babysitting since I was 13 and transporting children since I was 17.

  • My husband, Mike, is an engineer responsible for conducting laboratory tests with one of the most well-known car seat brands. He has been there almost as long as he has been a parent, for 7.5 years and counting.
  • Our McStay family is constantly on the go – we have sports, school, jobs, activities, and family obligations. We also change cars quite a bit, so we have to move the car seats back and forth between cars.
  • My three children are 8, 6, and 3 years old, meaning I have gone through many kinds of car seats and cars. I’ve experienced my fair share of seats both good and bad. I’ve seen the trends throughout the years that have come and gone.
  • My passion is finding information, researching new products and writing reviews for car seats. This is because I found much of the content released from companies like my husband’s to be far too dense. Parents want the facts presented in a simplistic and easy to understand matter.
  • Unfortunately, many people who aren’t qualified to review car seats do, resulting in false advertisement and false information. I publish only verified facts based on personal experience.
  • I do look at the experiences of other mothers as well, especially those who post on online blogs and reviewing boards to see if something is unique to only my experiences.
  • Often, manufacturers are happy to send me models of their child car seats that I have reviewed. I’m always ready to cooperate for free, as I prefer to experience baby car seats in real conditions, as I constantly must drive with my children.
  • All car seats that I review meet state standards. If a car seat does not meet the standards of the state, it would not receive a passing score. Any seat that is found to be inept is returned to the manufacturer with notes.
  • Although you can find affiliate links on this website for products, the main goal is not profit. Instead it is to create a high-quality, independent resource dedicated to car seats that are comfortable and safe transportation children.