Britax Advocate ClickTight – Convertible Car Seat – Detailed Review & Verdict

Britax ​​​​Advocate​​ ClickTight (USA)

The Britax Advocate is one of the most useful and safe convertible car seats in the brand’s lineup. The big change with this car seat over previous models is the addition of the ClickTight technology which makes installation easier than ever before.

This has become a notable feature in other models by Britax. The manufacturer managed to make it even better by adding the convertible option, which means that children can go from relaxing in the rear-facing infant seat to turning around an enjoying the front-facing car set.

With the ClickTight feature, this car seat has become one of the easiest to install, so it keeps babies safe while on the road.

What makes it so unique?

The Britax Advocate is a convertible car seats that is easy to install. It serves as a rear-facing seat for infants and a forward-facing seat for toddlers. It includes several Britax features that make it an extremely safe car seat for children who weigh between 5 and 65 pounds.

It has several types of protection, from its SafeCell Impact Protections to its three layers of side-impact protection. But, the highlight of the seats is the noticeable click that occurs when the seat is installed.

It also includes an easy adjust 14-position harness and a buckle that can be moved up and down to fit newborns, infants, and toddlers. Parents love not having to rethread the harness and the indicator gives a nice audible click so you know it is in place.

Impact-absorbing baseImpact-stabilizing steel frameImpact-absorbing tetherImpact-absorbing harness pads

Britax Advocate ClickTight Weight Limits

Like the other Britax models, the safety features on this car seat are designed for a specific weight limit.

  • When the car seat is set up to face the rear, the weight range is 5 to 40 pounds.
  • When the car seat is turned to face the front, the weight range is 20 to 65 pounds, for a child who is at least 12 months of age.
  • The car seat has a height range of 49 inches or less.

Britax Advocate Measurements

It is important that parents and their cars can handle the size and weight of the car seat. The Britax Advocate is a car seat that you install, and leave in place.

It is not one that easily lifts from the base. So, it is heavier than a four-in-one with a removable carrying unit.

  • The car seat weighs 30 pounds.
  • The bottom of the car seat is 15 inches wide.
  • The widest part of the car seat is 20 inches.
  • The shell of the car set is 29 inches tall.
  • The entire car seat is 31 inches tall from top to bottom.

How much room will your child have in the Britax Advocate?

Britax has established weight and height ranges for children who ride either rear-facing or forward-facing. While the weight limits are easy to determine, the height does need a thorough explanation.

Infants under 12 months of age should face the rear of the car and weigh between 5 and 40 pounds. When sitting in the shell of the car seat, the infant’s head should not go higher than one inch below the shell of the seat.

This sets the limit at 27 inches, giving the Advocate the title of tallest rear-facing seat on the market!

When you are ready to turn the car seat around, children who ride in it should be 20 to 65 pounds and be no taller than 49 inches. The Advocate is the second-tallest car seat as the highest harness setting is 19.5 inches. The harness can be adjusted in increments of .85 inches with the lowest setting at 8.5 inches. When the car seat faces the front, you determine your child’s safety by the location of the tips of his ears.

If your child’s ear tips sit below the top of the shell, then your child will be safe in a car accident while sitting in the Britax Advocate. Even though a child who is 12 months of age can face the front, car seat safety experts recommend that children face the rear for much longer – even up to age two.

Rear-facing infant seatFront-facing car set

Britax Car Seat Design

Britax ​​​​Advocate (Convertible ​​Car​​ Seat)

This attractive car seat comes from Britax, which has the highest safety ratings of any manufacture in the US. The car seat has a outer shell that is designed absorb the energy from the impact of a car accident. The headrest is lined with comfortable foam and the shell has several protective layers for side impact.

The fit and function of the Britax Advocate has been designed to be all about ease and safety. The harness has a ClickTight feature so you know that the seat is properly installed with an indicator that shows if the seat is tightened appropriately. In fact, the harness has 14 separate positions that can be adjusted instantly.

Britax uses parts from all over the globe, but they build the seat in the US where the seat is repeatedly tested for safety.

Britax has been making car seats for generations. The seat is made with a steel frame on a base built to absorb accident energy. The tether keeps the seat in place due to its effective V-shape and stitches that are designed to release in stages to reduce forward momentum in an accident.

The shell of the Britax Advocate comes in a neutral gray, while the interior textile is black with coordinating piping. If you purchase the car seat online, it is packed in protective padding so it is safe enroute to your home. It also comes with a recline system and a level indicator. There are 7 recline positions to ensure a safe and comfortable position for your child. Using the indicator, you should be able to find a comfortable recline angle for your child and the level will tell you if it is appropriately set.

Installing the Britax Advocate

Even though the Advocate is one of the heaviest car seats on the market, it is incredibly easy to install. Because it comes with the ClickTight and LATCH system, parents can be certain the car seat is installed properly to insure the utmost in safety. The seat has clear labels and instructions that allow parents to quickly install the seat and adjust the harness and buckles.

When installing the seat either rear-facing or forward-facing, the bottom of the seat lifts up to hold the seat belt straps safely in place. Then, you lower the seat in place and use the ClickTight lock to hold that seat down. Once in place, the car seat will not go anywhere.

To add to the safety of the ClickTight system, Britax also included the LATCH system making it compatible with most newer model vehicles. The car seat also includes a harness system that allows you to adjust the tension with a click of a button. Britax calls this the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator. It doesn’t get much easier than this Britax car seat when it comes to installing and adjusting it to fit your car and your child.

Safety of the Britax Advocate

The Britax is known for manufacturing safe products for young children. Their car seats are not an exception. The Advocate includes safety features that are worth bragging about with these as the most important:

  1. Energy-absorbing steel frame and base
  2. Three layers of SafeCell Impact Protection for side impact protection that exceeds the standards from federal agencies
  3. Click & Safe Snug harness system

The most common way that children are injured is by side impacts. Britax understands that which is why they designed the Advocate to have the best protection of any car seat with three layers of protective padding on an energy-absorbing shell. You can rest assured that your child will be comfortable and safe when riding in the car while in the Advocate.

The shell of the Britax Advocate is in a shape that is designed to protect children from debris that flies around the car in an accident. The headrest protects the head and neck and the compression cushions distribute crash energy to protect the child in the carseat and the other passengers in the car, who might bump into the car seat in an accident.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

  • Because this car seat does not have a carriage that can be removed from the base, this car seat is ideal for families who do not want to mess around with a complicated four-in-one system.
  • You simply install the car seat and enjoy the safety of it. The ClickTight installation is foolproof and the adjustable harness can be tightened with the push of a button.
  • The car seat cover can be removed for cleaning. Britax recommends cleaning it by hand and letting it air dry. The car seat dries quickly and is easy to put back in place.
  • It is also easy to adjust the recline angle. With the easy-to-read level, you can quickly assess whether or not the recline angle is safe for the direction of the seat. Forward-facing seats should not be reclined at the same degree as rear-facing seats.


Britax offers several useful extras for the Advocate.

  • Britax Vehicle Seat Protector
    These extras are designed to help the car seat last longer and to protect your car from messes that children can make while riding in the car. One of the favorites with many parents is the Vehicle Seat Protector. This rubber mat is designed to contain the base of the Advocate and other Britax models.

    The rubber mat does not affect the safety features of the car seat, but it does protect the actual car from messes. It is made of a non-slip material and it has raised edges which keeps the car clean. The car mat also prevents indents in the car upholstery. There is also a section that sticks out from the front of the car seat to protect your car’s upholstery scuffs from your children’s shoes.

  • Britax Seat Saver Waterproof Liner
    Another popular choice is the Britax Seat Saver Waterproof Liner. This liner sits securely over the car seat fabric and is designed to make the car seat last longer. The liner is made of a dry-wick fabric so your car seat fabric is not damaged from leaky diapers or spilled sippy cups. The dry-wick fabric insures that the car seat is always comfortable and dry. The tall sides keep crumbs on top, rather than falling under and getting embedded in the car seat fabric.

  • Britax Travel Cart
    If you travel and you want to take the Advocate with you on the road, Britax offers a Travel Cart that makes this heavy seat easy to move through airports.

    The cart folds up when you are not using it so it easily fits into overhead compartments.

    Attachment using the car seat’s LATCH connectors for quick and simple use, Compact fold stows into small spaces including most airplane overhead compartments, Steel frame design for strength and durability.

  • Britax Cup Holder
    Since this car seat does not come with a cup holder, Britax also offers a convertible Cup Holder that can be securely attached to the Advocate and the other ClickTight car seats, too.

    The cup holder can be washed in the top shelf of a dishwasher and is designed to hold everything from sippy cups to juice boxes of all shapes.

There are several other products that make owning this car seat convenient, like mirrors that let you see your child when the car seat faces the rear and the EZ-buckle belly pad that makes it easier to buckle the harness. It also adds another level of comfort to the seat.

Overall Review

This is a car seat that provides some of the best safety features on the market today.

Safety Made in the USA

Britax has included everything that a parent could want to make the car seat easy to install and adjust. On top of the safety features, they also expect the Advocate to have a 10-year life, so families can use this car seat with several children, as long as the seat is not involved in any car accidents.

If you want to protect your child while riding in the car, this is the car seat that does it the best. This seat is second to none when it comes to comfort, safety, and ease of use.

You cannot go wrong adding the Britax Advocate to the backseat of your vehicle!

  • Three layers of side protection
  • LATCH system
  • Easy-to-adjust-and-tighten harness
  • 10-year life span
  • Plenty of accessories available
  • Forward-facing & rear-facing
  • Seven-position recline system
  • ClickTight installation system
  • High price
  • Heavy
  • Not part of a travel system
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  1. Rosa says:

    I want to know if it is possible to recline the car seat while it is forward facing. Thank you

  2. Blaire says:

    How does the seat not move around when it’s only fastened in with a seat belt? I feel like it won’t be secure enough! Is there another way to secure it?

    1. Hi Blaire. Thanks for your question. It can be surprising at first to find that Britax uses the seat belt in their ClickTight technology!

      Rest assured that they are leaders in car seat safety and this new installation system gets great reviews for its safety, comfort, and convenience. Check out this video on the installation to get a better idea of the tight fit. The car seat also includes the LATCH system but most parents find the ClickTight easier. Also remember that the LATCH system has weight limits and other limitations while the vehicle seat belt does not. Hope that helps.

  3. Sharon Blevins says:

    I can’t seem to get the bottom pad loose from the seat. It has 2 elastic loops that attaches to the bottom but I can’t get to where they are attached.

  4. Ed says:

    I’m curious why the Britax Advocate got such a lower score than the Marathon if the Advocate is safer. Does this have to do with the higher cost of the Advocate or are there other concerns?

    1. Emma Lachey says:

      Hi Ed, thanks for your question. Both seats are high quality and safe. We rated the Marathon higher since it is more affordable and is somewhat easier to install than the Advocate, including seat belt installation. The Marathon also has performed well in some real-life crashes that were reported by parents. Either seat, however, would be a good choice depending on the features you want and the dimensions of your back seat.

  5. Perumal G Jayashankar says:

    How about choosing Britax Advocate for middle seat of Volvo S60. Will it fit. Will there be problem sitting both in the front seats and the rear seat if the child seat is in the middle rear seat. Or should I choose Boulevard instead.

    1. Emma Lachey says:

      Hi Perumal, thanks for your question. The front to back space for either the Advocate or Boulevard may an issue if you have taller front seat passengers. We recommend taking measurements of your back seat dimensions with the front seats back as far as they will need to be for whoever’s riding up there. Then compare those to the Advocate and Boulevard dimensions.

      We also recommend contacting Britax to ask their customer service if your car would be compatible with those models. Here is their contact page:

  6. Liz King says:

    Can I buy this model in the UK? I really think it is the best I have found but do not seem to be able to find it for sale!

    1. Emma Lachey says:

      Hi Liz, thanks for your question. Since you live in the UK, you must buy a European style seat to comply with local car seat laws. Britax has several convertibles similar to the Advocate that are sold in the UK. One such seat is the Britax Romer Dualfix which fits rear facing from birth to 18 kg or forward facing from 9 – 18kg (9 months to 4 years). You can learn more on their website:

  7. CARLA says:

    Hi, I have a small car Ford Fiesta and I want to know if the britax advocate fits behind the seat using the 7 position.

    1. Emma Lachey says:

      Hi Carla, thanks for your question. We looked through some customer reviews and found that Britax answered a similar question from a customer who had a Ford Fiesta kinetic design 2013. Here’s their answer:

      The Britax Advocate seat dimensions are consistent with most car seats in the market and have an industry leading rear-facing fit with it’s 7 recline positions. Installing the seat rear-facing in the middle vehicle seat position improves fit by allowing the seat to fit between the two front vehicle seats. In that case, the Boulevard ClickTight might be a better option as it does not have the exterior cushions which make the seat wider.

      It will depend on your particular car and how you need to use the seat. Since the Fiesta is a subcompact, you may have the best luck putting the car seat in the center of the backseat. But whatever you do, be sure to take measurements of the car seat interior and compare them to the car seat dimensions before buying. If possible, try a test model out from a local car seat retailer. You can also call Britax at 1-888-427-4829 to see what they recommend.

  8. Lauren says:

    Hi– My 2 !/4 year old is currently in an infant seat with a 40 lb weight limit. The height limit is 35″ which she is approaching. I’m looking into buying the Advocate, which you say in the article is the tallest rear facing (I’d like to keep her rear facing–she’s only 26 lbs.), but you say it is 27″. Is 27″ the height of the seat back and not the child’s height? Thanks.

    1. Emma Lachey says:

      Hi Lauren, thanks for your question. Yes, the 27” measurement should be the height from the seat bottom to the top of the fully raised headrest (to the red harness adjuster). As long as she is under 1 inch from the top at the highest headrest position, she should be good to go height-wise for riding rear-facing.

  9. Mary says:

    Hi, I saw one for sale on a re-sale baby store. do you recommend buying one second hand? Please advice.!

    1. Emma Lachey says:

      Hi Mary, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we never recommend buying a car seat second hand, especially from someone you don’t know personally. You can never tell if some hard-to-see parts may be worn or if it’s been in an accident. It’s just a bit too risky.

      If you really want a Britax car seat and are on a tight budget, we recommend watching for new ones to go on sale or try one of their other more affordable models such as the Britax Emblem or Britax Allegiance. They are often about $100 cheaper than the Boulevard.

  10. Cecilia says:

    Can Britax USA Advocate ClickTight 2018 be used in a 2017 Hybrid Toyota Highlander without requiring a locking base?

    1. Emma Lachey says:

      Hi, thanks for your question. There is actually no separate base with the Advocate. It’s held in place with the vehicle belt only, which makes for a quick, secure, and easy installation. You can check out how it’s installed in this video. As far as the fit, a few customers with Toyota Highlanders had trouble with too little legroom for front passengers/drivers and couldn’t use them in a 3-car seat configuration in the back seat. To be safe, call Britax customer service and measure your back seat dimensions before buying.

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