Kids Wearing Winter Jackets in a Car Seat Poses Danger

Winter Jackets in a Car Seat

Nowadays, fastening children into a car seat to promote safety is very essential. However, there are instances where parents would intend to add more protection for the kids such as a huge winter jackets especially in cold seasons. The question is, if this is safe for your kids?

Being secured in a car by strapping kids on car seats is definitely going to keep your children safe from any possible accidents that may come your way while driving your car. The only challenge is that if you add huge jackets before putting on the straps of the car seat, this may impose more danger to the children. This is why it is not recommended for parents to have their children wear huge winter clothing when they are in a car seat.

The main reason for this is that the huge clothes are too bulky that they do not allow the straps of the car seat to fasten. Now, your tendency is to loosen it and in doing that there will be more space which will keep the kids from being fastened securely on their seats. So, let’s say for instance a car crash took place and the child is wearing a bulky jacket which leaves more space for the car seats straps to loosen, this may result to the child slipping or worst being thrown out of the seat.

It is not a very effective way of keeping the children safe and warm on a cold winter season. What officials are recommending is for parents to first fasten their kids on the seats without wearing any huge or bulky clothes and just lay a blanket or a warm jacket over the children to keep them warm.

Another option is to warm your vehicles first before having your kids ride in it. You can also have your children wear thin layers of clothing to keep them warm. This may be a very simple issue when it comes to driving with kids, but not all parents or guardians are aware of this.

This is the reason why in Texas TxDOT and AFD claims that in every winter season, they will be reminding people about this important issue. We are aware that during this season, people are prone to encounter vehicular accidents. It is essential that the children are always kept safe from harm and any possible injuries if such accidents occur.

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