The Arrival of the Baby Stroller

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The Arrival of the Baby Stroller

Everyone endures enormous amounts of stress, but individuals who have received their fair share of pressure are parents, specifically new parents. Raising a baby is something foreign to these individuals, and although they receive plenty of baby shower gifts that are supposed to help them, the stress of keeping their baby safe can be a torment for the parents. Fortunately, we live in a modern world that is constantly inventing new technology meant to facilitate their lives as they as they strive to become responsible parents. One important and life changing baby innovation is the car stroller which allows parents to transport their babies with security and carries multiple benefits for the baby.

After giving birth naturally, women are left over with a rather large amount of skin and also run the risk of suffering from postpartum depression. This condition is a very serious form of depression that can haunt the mother for over several days. Many people may think that this depression only affects the mother; however, their wellbeing plays a huge role on the attitude of the rest of the family. Israeli researchers have proven that the baby’s stress level rises as does the crying and their performance levels are weak due to the depression of the mother, according to To treat this disorder, women are encouraged to exercise to recover their figure, but more importantly, to prevent periods of depression and to strengthen the immune system of both the mother and the child. One of the most recommended exercises is a simple walk in the park. This action is facilitated with the invention of the stroller that allows the mother to take care of herself as she exercises while safely having her baby with her.


Innovative tool parents need today

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Old Car Seats

My parents used to tell me the horror stories when they were younger about their experiences in car seat education safety. One experience that always made me happy that we now live in a more modern world now than what they had to experience with little education about car seats. My parents vividly remember the day they practiced putting me in the car seat for the first time while trying to gently maneuver my wiggling and all my squirming, uncooperative limbs into the seat and discovering that the straps were way too tight. Out I came again as they struggled to work out how on earth to loosen the car seat straps. All while being watched by a gang of highly amused, not-first-time parents who were sitting nearby. Eventually (after much heated debate and reference to the instruction manual) they were able to put me in the car seat, secure and we could set off for home…albeit with me sitting beside her in the backseat and Dad driving at about 10 miles an hour!


Safe RV Travel With Children Starts With These 8 Car Seat Tips

RV Travel With Children

Traveling by recreational vehicle is a convenient and inexpensive way to explore different areas. You have the conveniences of home right at your fingertips, you save on dining and lodging, and you get to spend some quality family time together.

Before setting off on your RV adventure, there are some important safety tips you need to know, especially if children who require baby car seats are coming along on the trip.

As part of your vacation planning, add these eight RV car seat safety tips to your to-do list.


4 Ways to Tell It’s Time to Switch from a Harness Car Seat to a Booster

Booster Seat

At some point, your child is going to ask you: Do I still have to sit in a baby seat? It’s usually around elementary school age when your child sees other classmates riding in a booster seat.

Although your child may be pressuring you to sit in a booster, there are four key requirements your child needs to meet before transitioning from a forward-facing 5-point harness car seat to a booster seat.


How to Transform Your Road trip into an Educational Experience!

Travel Car

Now that summer is here and school is coming to an end, families are preparing themselves for a fun summer of travel! For many, this includes jumping into a car or boarding a train and embarking on a road trip full of new experiences, fun and quality time with the family!

The beauty about road trips is that there are endless ways to make use of the time that your child is sitting. Simply by planning ahead your child will be able to target skills such as following directions, listening, mathematics and even reading comprehension. As a result, the kids will remain engaged and excited throughout their time in the car.

Even though they will be on summer break they’ll still be able to keep their academic skills active, fresh and ready for the upcoming school year! Below are several activities that you can have on hand during your trip! With these activities your child will be less inclined to ask “are we there yet?” Happy travels!


How to Fit Car Seats Three Across with Tips for Fitting 3-Across Seats

Three small sisters in car seats

In the United States, as in many other countries, car seat safety laws vary, but many safety experts recommend keeping a child in a car seat until age 12, depending on their height and weight. For families with more than two young children, this can pose a challenge, which is why car seat manufacturers have designed narrow car seats to help parents fit three car seats of varying types across the back seat of their vehicles.