How to Transform Your Road trip into an Educational Experience!

Travel Car

Now that summer is here and school is coming to an end, families are preparing themselves for a fun summer of travel! For many, this includes jumping into a car or boarding a train and embarking on a road trip full of new experiences, fun and quality time with the family!

The beauty about road trips is that there are endless ways to make use of the time that your child is sitting. Simply by planning ahead your child will be able to target skills such as following directions, listening, mathematics and even reading comprehension. As a result, the kids will remain engaged and excited throughout their time in the car.

Even though they will be on summer break they’ll still be able to keep their academic skills active, fresh and ready for the upcoming school year! Below are several activities that you can have on hand during your trip! With these activities your child will be less inclined to ask “are we there yet?” Happy travels!


How to Fit Car Seats Three Across with Tips for Fitting 3-Across Seats

Three small sisters in car seats

In the United States, as in many other countries, car seat safety laws vary, but many safety experts recommend keeping a child in a car seat until age 12, depending on their height and weight. For families with more than two young children, this can pose a challenge, which is why car seat manufacturers have designed narrow car seats to help parents fit three car seats of varying types across the back seat of their vehicles.


The Safest Car Seat & Stroller Combos for Traveling

Car Seat & Stroller Combo

You love to travel. But now you’re expecting a baby. Can you still visit all the places you want to see? The good news is, you can still explore the world with your baby in tow. With a good stroller and car seat combo (aka travel system), you’ll be amazed at all the places you can go.

Until your baby is able to sit upright unassisted, she won’t be able to sit up in a stroller alone. That’s where the car seat and stroller combo comes in handy. Unless you plan on constantly packing your baby around in an infant carrier strapped to your back (hello back pain), you’ll want an ergonomic way to get around with her.


The future of Car Seat design may depend on new bone data 2018

Volvo's new concept puts child car seat

Car seat design has come a long way since the flimsy metal contraptions of the 1930s. Here are some of the improvements thanks to advancements in research:

  • Car seat crash tests
  • Longer rear-facing time
  • Convertible seats
  • Tethers (LATCH systems)
  • Better labeling for weight/height limits
University of Sheffield Future Project

The first federal safety standards finally came in place in 1971. Since then, numerous crash tests and other research has fostered a huge market of safer car seats designed for newborns to middle-schoolers.

New studies at the University of Sheffield (in South Yorkshire, England) may contribute even more data to help manufacturers design safer car seats. Advanced 3-D imagery is helping researchers discover the relationship between children’s bone strength for different age groups.


How to find the Best Car Seat for Airplane travel (Federal Aviation Administration approved)

FAA approved car seats for airplanes

With travel season fast approaching, you may be ready to book those plane tickets to somewhere warm and exciting. But you may be hesitant if you’ve never flown with a baby or toddler who still needs a harnessed car seat.

You’ve already got half a dozen suitcases, a diaper bag, a purse and maybe even a laptop or two. Carrying around a car seat is an extra burden. Plus, it may not fit in the airplane seat, and you may have never installed one on an airplane.

Parents have a lot of questions about this. Here are some answers.